What is Secondary Infertility?

While the number of young couples opting for In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment is on the rise, secondary infertility has proven to be an obstacle for many women. After having a smooth first-time pregnancy, many couples are surprised to face difficulties in conceiving again, and carrying a pregnancy to term without having to resort to assisted reproductive technologies or fertility medications. Dr. David Robertson, Group Medical Director, says couples under 35 years should seek advice after a year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. While secondary infertility tends to be more of a female issue as maternal age plays a very significant role, women over 35 should seek advice six months after unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. If a woman is trying to have her second baby in her thirties, it could be much harder the second time around, as female fertility starts decreasing after 30. Click here to read more:

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