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Mini IVF

Mini IVF refers to minimal hormone stimulation during the treatment, using lower doses of medication over a shorter period of time. This can be a good treatment option for women who are prone to ovarian hyper stimulation.

The process and steps involved are similar to traditional IVF.

The steps involved in Mini IVF may vary from patient to patient depending on the recommended treatment plan but typically involve:

  • 5-10 days of ovarian stimulation with hormone injections or tablets. Medication types and doses are monitored with regular scans and blood tests throughout this period.
  • On the final day of ovarian stimulation, usually 36 hours prior to your egg collection, an hCG injection will be given in order to mature the eggs.
  • Egg collection under sedation or a mild general anaesthetic typically at the same time as sperm collection.
  • Insemination or ICSI typically occurs the day of egg collection.
  • Embryo transfer is performed 2-5 days after egg collection, depending on the number and quality of the embryos
  • A blood test to determine pregnancy is performed 14 days after egg collection

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