Success Rates

Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic is proud to have leading IVF success rates. We are committed to providing the latest and most proven clinical treatment programs to help you achieve a successful pregnancy.

Your Fertility Specialist will explain your chances of success, taking into consideration your type of infertility, your age and type of treatment. Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) procedures have progressed rapidly since their development and so have the associated success rates.

Success rates can be affected by many factors, including:

  • Genetic factors
  • Fertility history
  • Age of the male and female partner
  • Lifestyle factors including weight and smoking
  • Conditions contributing to infertility
  • Quality of eggs and number of eggs recovered
  • Quality of sperm (including motility and ability to penetrate the egg)

Our IVF Lab

Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic IVF Lab

Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic Dubai, features the region’s only “clean room” laboratory, ensuring patients’ embryos are cared for in the optimum environment. The laboratory, constructed in accordance with the highest international standards, provides safe and supportive storage and development of embryos, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome. What is even more special about our lab is that it is the only fertility clinic in the region offering an extraordinary level of transparency, where couples can watch all procedures being performed in real time.