Fertility Journey Coaching

We at Bourn Hall are mindful of the emotional challenges that men and women face on the journey to becoming parents. Along with providing quality medical care, we recognise the importance of supporting you emotionally on you journey as well.

During a cycle of IVF or IUI at Bourn Hall, we will provide two complimentary session with Priyanka Bhatia – a certified life coach who has trained at the Domar Center of Mind-Body Health at Boston IVF. She will provide an integrated model of care offering support and help you manage challenges on this journey. The first coaching session will be right after your baseline scans, and another session can be used at any time during (or after) your cycle.

The sessions can help improve infertility related stress, reduce anxiety over an upcoming treatment, help restore hope, couples therapy as it relates to infertility, and psycho-educate about various things related to infertility and the treatments.

How will a Fertility Coach Help?
• Help you create a tool box of coping skills for all the challenges that infertility brings
• Teach your self care to prevent emotional overwhelm
• Help you reduce stress and restore balance
• Help clarify options and make decisions along this journey
• Help you create relationships that nourish and support in this challenging time

For more information, you can contact To book a session with Priyanka, contact 800 IVF (483).

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