Why you need to freeze your eggs before starting your cancer treatment?

Motherhood is a very special dream for most women. And as in the case of most dreams, actions should be taken to make them reality.

Cancer is one disease which can deprive a young woman of motherhood. Every year, February 4th is celebrated as World Cancer Day to create awareness about cancer and its prevention, detection, and treatment. People tend to presume that cancer only affects the elderly, however, many young women are today suffering from cancer. This is why it is of utmost importance to create the awareness on the fertility aspect of all young women and men, who are getting treated for cancer.

Cancer treatment affects fertility. Many young women today who are cancer survivors, have in return lost their fertility. Bone marrow transplants, modern radiation treatment, and aggressive chemotherapy permanently cure a large percentage of cancers in young women today, but their eggs and ovaries are either completely or partially destroyed by these treatments.

Cancer treatment affects the ability of a young woman to get pregnant or to sustain a pregnancy, and women who plan to have children in the future should be given opportunities to preserve their fertility.

Given today’s technological advances, numerous fertility-saving options are available that can vary from person to person, cancer form and level, and the rate at which cancer treatment needs to be initiated.

What is Egg Freezing?
Egg Freezing is a procedure intended to pause the biological clock of their eggs at least, and provides younger women with the ability to preserve their eggs until such time as they are ready to pursue parenthood.
Egg freezing is also important for women who undergo therapies, such as cancer chemotherapy or radiation, that will cause damage to their ovaries. Eggs can be retrieved and frozen prior to the therapy for use at a later date.
Though there are two primary methods of freezing, at Bourn Hall we use Vitrification, a flash freezing method which tends to result in better egg quality and survival after the egg is thawed.

Women who can benefit from egg freezing are:

  1. Younger women who want to delay childbearing for use in the future when their natural ability to reproduce would otherwise be reduced.
  2. Women with upcoming pelvic surgery or medical treatments, such as cancer treatment, that could result in the loss of ovarian tissue or eggs are also candidates for egg freezing.
  3. Women at risk for early menopause because of their family history or genetic reasons may also consider egg freezing.

Advantages of Egg Freezing

  • Reduce the pressure and anxiety of having kids at the ‘right time’.
  • Allow you to maintain your personal, medical and professional goals and still maintain the dream of motherhood.
  • Protect the health of your younger and better quality eggs and increase your chances of conception through IVF in the future.
  • Have the choice to take control in determining when you want to conceive of your younger and better quality eggs and increase your chances of conception through IVF in the future.
  • Have the choice to take control in determining when you want to conceive.

It’s common to feel sad or angry having to lose your fertility. This is why egg freezing is an initiative that enhances quality of life and a reason to look forward to a brighter future for when your are ready to have a family.

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