Male Infertility Factors

Male Infertility Factors

Find out whether you need male infertility treatment

Infertility can be the reason why you and your partner have been unable to get pregnant after trying for more than a year. In cases like these, it is essential for both partners to undergo a fertility assessment at this time to determine the cause and the corresponding treatment plan for it.

When diagnosing infertility in males, it is typical to get a blood test, semen analysis, and physical examination. These procedures help identify the factors that are causing infertility and determine the solutions in overcoming them.

What are the possible complications among males that cause infertility

The most common male infertility factors include:

Testing and treatment: Finding out the possible cause and treating it

For male infertility treatment, it is vital to first determine whether there is an underlying health condition that is impeding the chances of conceiving. Various tests are required to find out if the male spouse is suffering from risk factors, such as decreased sperm production due to lifestyle factors like smoking or physical inactivity.

Some of the tests include semen analysis and blood tests. Through these tests, your doctor will be able to find out whether the problem is with the count of sperm and the way they function, or detect any other complication.

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