Female Infertility Factors

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Though having your own family is a natural part of life, there are certain factors that can make pregnancy difficult to achieve naturally. This section is dedicated to exploring certain factors that are responsible for causing female fertility (or infertility), as well as the possible causes and treatments for them.

Age is a major factor in female fertility, as well as a woman’s lifestyle choices and genetic conditions. Understanding the particular challenges in conceiving is important to improve chances of a pregnancy, be it natural or medically assisted.

Possible causes of infertility

The most common female infertility factors include:

Testing and treatment: Determining the baseline condition and possible solutions

Testing is important to identify any health conditions that may be preventing pregnancy. By identifying underlying health conditions, doctors are able to develop a plan to help improve the chances of conceiving for the couple.

The best time to visit a doctor in Dubai for consultation is during the first few days of your monthly cycle. Timing is important in improving your chances of getting pregnant at the soonest time. During your initial consultation, it is best to bring all your medical records to provide your doctor with an in-depth overview of your health. Doing this will give the doctor the best chance of identifying the best fertility plan for you.

You must also be prepared to perform any tests required your fertility status, including sperm count and analysis, comprehensive blood count and blood screening, and cervical mucus tests. At our Dubai clinic, our in-house doctors and specialists will be more than capable of giving you the best chance to fulfil your dreams of having a child.

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