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Insurance Coverage

We recognize that understanding your insurance benefits can be challenging. Our goal is to help you be informed about your coverage and responsibilities, our fee schedules and payment options, so before you make that appointment with us, put in a call to your health insurance or contact our insurance department. Your policy may determine what kind of health care provider you see, what kinds of fertility tests are covered, and in what sequence as some insurance companies offer full coverage while others offer partial coverage.

Coverage of any treatment is subject to prior approval from your insurance company. You should also be aware of your policy’s copay, coinsurance and deductible requirements; our insurance team will help you in that as well as financial estimation prior to obtaining a pre-approval for all surgical procedure.

We also offered other Obstetrics & Gynecology procedures include but not limited to hysteroscopy, Hysteroscopy, Dilatation & Curettage (D&C), Diagnostic and Operative Laparoscopies as well as Urology procedures include but not limited to Ureteroscope procedures, Orchiopexy, Orchiectomy, Testicular Biopsy and Bladder Surgery.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) coverage

This depends on your insurance company and the policy you hold. Some insurance companies cover it, with some requirements (or under some conditions) and is also subject to prior authorization and approval.

Please contact our insurance department for more details

List of networks with Bourn Hall

  • Thiqa C1
  • Exclusive 1
  • Exclusive 2
  • Comprehensive 1
  • Comprehensive 2
  • Standard 1
  • Standard 2
  • Value 2
  • TC 1 Exclusive 1
  • TC 1 Comprehensive 2
  • TC 1 Comprehensive 3
  • TC Plus 2
  • TC Plus 3
  • TC Plus 4
  • CoGenio Exclusive 1
  • AN Exclusive 1
  • SEHA Prime
  • Exclusive 1 Prime
  • Comprehensive 2 Prime
  • TC 1 Comprehensive 2 Prime
  • TC 1 Comprehensive 3 Prime

Insurance plans and its coverage

PLAN Infertility Coverage Other Treatment Coverage
THIQA 1 90% Covered
DAMAN TC2 Depends on pre-authorization and approval Covered
DAMAN TC3 Depends on pre-authorization and approval Covered
DAMAN TC4 Depends on pre-authorization and approval Covered
Daman PREMIER 100% covered under reimbursement Covered
GOLOBILITY 50% covered under some requirement or conditions Depends on pre-authorization and approval
OTHER DAMAN PLAN Not covered Depends on pre-authorization and approval
ALLANZ Covered Depends on type of policy
Nextcare Not Covered Covered
SAADA Not Covered Covered

Other insurance will be under reimbursement or direct billing according to the policy.

Please contact our Revenue Cycle Manager, Zainab Yusuf on [email protected] , +971561992971. for more information.