Experts stress need to prevent genetic disorders

When prevention is as vital as the cure, UAE Genetic Diseases Association and Bourn Hall Fertility Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic have stepped up to raise awareness in communities.

Year 2017 is being marked as the Year of Giving by UAE and through our partnerships with UAE Genetic Diseases Association and Dubai Endowment Authority we are able to support the locals by offering discounted and in some cases free IVF cycles while giving them easy access to our IVF specialists helping them to start healthy families,” said Hoda Abou Jamra, Group CEO of Bourn Hall International.

Recent estimates indicate that there may be more than 400 genetic disorders in UAE. According to UAE GDA, the most common genetic disorders in UAE include thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia, haemophilia, G6PD deficiency and cystic fibrosis.

“Genetic testing is the key to improving the quality of genes in a society where consanguinous marriages are common. It is recommended for those with family history of chromosomal abnormality of any single gene disorder, recurrent pregnancy losses, implantation failures, unexplained infertility, advanced maternal age or male factor infertility,” said Dr David Robertson, group medical director at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai.
He pointed out that couples who have had an earlier child with an abnormality could diminish the risk of having the second child with a similar abnormality.

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