[Emirates 24/7] Does smoking lead to infertility?

Emirates 24/7:
Khaleej Times:

According to Fertility Expert, Dr. David Robertson, Group Medical Director at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic – There has been increase evidence that smoking decreases the fertility of both men and women. This is especially true of cigarette smoking and, importantly for this region, shisha. Smoking shisha for an hour or so is equivalent to smoking a full pack of cigarettes.
With each cigarette, over 7000 chemicals are inhaled into the body, many of which are highly toxic. In women, this leads to ovulation problems, genetic damage to eggs and, over time, a reduced egg supply. In men, it is well established that smoking causes significant damage to sperm and leads to an increase in genetic abnormalities.
Couples seeking fertility treatment should stop smoking at least three months before undergoing treatment – this is the time taken for sperm to develop and will allow new, healthier sperm to predominate. It’s also important to remember that passive smoking can affect fertility too.

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