Dr. Amal Al Mulla

Dr. Amal Al Mulla


Dr. Amal is a motivated and passionate medical professional, that has over 20 years of Obstetrics and Gynecology experience. Dedicated to this field, Dr. Amal specializes in treating patients with Infertility, with special interest in Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome.

Highly educated, Dr. Amal has studied around the globe, completing a master’s degree in Egypt, before going onto obtain Membership in London in the UK, as well as in Dublin in Ireland.

To ensure further personal development, Dr. Amal has engaged in numerous workshops, courses and conferences in a wide range of medical fields, including The Women’s Health and Reproductive Care Conference, Legal Protection Against Medical Malpractice Liability and a Seminar on Advanced Fetal Medicine Applications.

Beginning a successful career in 2005, Dr. Amal worked as an Obstetric and Gynecologist Registrar with Dubai Health Authority for over four years before moving into a senior specialist position for a further four years with the same authority.

As an active participant in the training and teaching program within the hospital, Dr. Amal also acted as teacher and was instrumental in planning programs to ensure the development of trainees.

Successful in this role and with diverse experience, knowledge and skills, Dr. Amal later secured the role of consultant, a position she is still eager about and invested in today.

Being the Former Chairperson of the Morbidity and Mortality Committee and a current member of the Central Morbidity and Mortality Committee, we partnered successfully with different hospital departments to produce positive outcomes and ensure to exercise the highest possible standard of patient care according to the international guidelines. We monitored Infection Control and Critical Incidents, Risk Management and Quality Improvement plans. Dr. Amal established the OBGYN unit protocols and guidelines, and wrote summaries, reports and other correspondence regarding investigations of medical complaints. In addition, she led presentations at media events on program successes and progress.

Throughout this diverse professional and educational background, Dr. Amal has been the recipient of numerous accomplishments, including Elected Vice President of Emirates Medical Association, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society, Rashid award for scientific achievement.

In the short term, Amal’s goals are to develop assisted reproductive technique skills, with the view of gaining the ability to help couples who are struggling to have a baby, making this an affordable solution for more parents to be.

Dr Amal is the mother of Nada Al Bedwawi, the first UAE swimmer who represented the UAE in the Rio Olympics in 2016 and was the Emirates flag holder.


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