Bourn Hall launches a monthly women’s support group

Bourn Hall is starting a Support group meet-up for women on this journey where women can seek and provide support within a community that understands them. This meet up is not limited to patients from Bourn Hall clinic, and is open to all women trying to have a baby.

We know what a huge challenge infertility is and the resources it takes to find a way through it with grace and strength! And you DO NOT have to do it alone.

Any woman who’s on their fertility journey are welcoming to join in the meet-up group if this something you are looking for. Also let other women know of this support, by telling them or passing on the flyer (Attached below the email), so we can together create a community to Share, Hear, Learn, Support and Lift each other in ways only someone going through this journey can!

Upcoming meet up will be on 27th January from 3pm – 4pm. RSVP to or 800 IVF (483). Remaining meet ups will be on the last Saturday of every month.


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