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25% of the population in the UAE are diagnosed with Diabetes, many more have pre-diabetes, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. Diabetes can have a serious impact on fertility health and cause increased risk of miscarriages for women, and poor sperm quality for men. Dr David Robertson, our Consultant in Reproductive Medicine explains the link between […]

Proud moment to have our Shared Risk program featured in top UAE newspaper – Gulf News. Click here to read more about the Middle East’s only IVF program at Bourn Hall that will offer you up to a 100% refund if you don’t take home a baby by your third cycle: To learn more […]

In honor of Baby Loss Awareness Week, our Specialist OB/GYN – Dr. Shazia Magray spoke on Miscarriages live on Dubai Eye – 103.8 FM on Tues 18th Oct from 11-12pm on their Eye on Health Show. Click on this link to listen to the podcast: If you’ve had a miscarriage and want to understand […]

Many couples are choosing the UAE as a top destination to have their IVF treatments. With Dubai gaining a strong foothold in many facets of medical tourism, Dr. Robertson explains that typically, 10 percent of the patients they see are overseas tourists. “We’ve recently seen an increase in people coming from Nigeria, India, and Oman,” […]

Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic hosts free bi-monthly fertility seminars at our clinic to help educate couples on infertility. Our next seminar is Saturday, June 11th from 1pm – 3pm at our clinic. During the seminar, you will: • Get an introduction to Bourn Hall and its history. • Meet a fertility specialist who will explain […]

Source: Khaleej Times—to-dubai–the-healthy-way Dubai is likely to be the ideal choice for medical tourists after winning the ‘Highly Commended Destination of the Year’ for medical tourism. One of the most popular reasons for traveling abroad for medical care is for fertility treatment, and IVF more specifically. Dr. David Robertson, IVF Specialist and Group Medical […]