About us

Our Facilities

Since the first Bourn Hall clinic was opened in Cambridgeshire, our vision has been to provide a relaxing atmosphere and place of support. Bourn Hall clinics and treatment centers are designed to deliver a similar experience through care in the selection of sites and design of facilities, and most of all in the consistent way we treat people.

Our Dubai clinic is located in the Al Hudaiba Awards Buildings, Jumeirah 1. The clinic functions under the guidance of our UK team while also factoring in regional sensitivities ensuring that all patients are treated as individuals, in a manner appropriate to their needs, culture and circumstances.

It is comprised of 22,000 square feet with the region’s first clean room laboratory, which provides a safe and supportive environment for the storage and development of embryos. Couples can also observe laboratory procedures through a special viewing area, which will help them feel more involved in the journey. There are two operation theatres and seven patient suites with sea-facing views to ensure the patient’s comfort and privacy.

We also have clinics in; Cambridge, Peterborough, Colchester, Wickford King’s Lynn and Norwich, United Kingdom. and Gurgaon, India.