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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing
Egg freezing

Egg freezing allows women to preserve their fertility, increasing their chances of pregnancy at a later age. Egg freezing is a unique alternative for a woman undergoing certain types of medical treatments that might impair her fertility, such as for certain types of cancer, or for a woman who wishes to defer pregnancy for “right time”. Some women may even want to have multiple children and if their “right time” is later in life, their frozen eggs will give them options for their second and third children.

Though there are two primary methods of freezing, at Bourn Hall we use Vitrification, a flash freezing method which tends to result in better egg quality and survival after the egg is thawed.

The process is the same as for IVF, but no embryo transfer is performed – the eggs are frozen just after being collected.

A woman undergoing IVF treatment sometimes produces enough eggs that some can be preserved for later use.

UAE Law permits the storage of eggs for up to 5 years.

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