Priyanka Bhatia

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Priyanka Bhatia

Life coach and Counsellor

Priyanka Bhatia has been in the helping field since 2004 and has worked with people from all ages and culture. Having completed her Masters in Counselling, she went on to complete her Coaching training as well as her certification from the International Coaching Federation. She has also trained in the Mind-body program for infertility at Boston IVF. As well as trained in working with people going though grief and loss.

Working with people going through infertility is a matter close to her heart because of her own personal experience with it. She is passionate about providing support, as she is astutely aware of the emotional and psychological challenges of infertility.

She is a member of several internationally recognized associations, namely
American society for reproductive medicine, The European Society of Human
Reproduction and Embryology and International Coaching federation.