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While the number of young couples opting for In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment is on the rise, secondary infertility has proven to be an obstacle for many women. After having a smooth first-time pregnancy, many couples are surprised to face difficulties in conceiving again, and carrying a pregnancy to term without having to resort to […]


During November, we will be raising awareness of men’s fertility health, and providing a FREE Semen Analysis to all men who want to understand their fertility status. We talk about women’s fertility all the time, but generally, men’s reproductive health is either not discussed openly, or it’s completely ignored. Male Infertility makes up of nearly […]


25% of the population in the UAE are diagnosed with Diabetes, many more have pre-diabetes, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. Diabetes can have a serious impact on fertility health and cause increased risk of miscarriages for women, and poor sperm quality for men. Dr David Robertson, our Consultant in Reproductive Medicine explains the link between […]